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Today, I bring to you The Expectant Mother Birth Plan! What a labor of love it was to curate this template for you, mothers! I am a firm believer that knowledge is power when it comes to your birth space, regardless of where you choose to do so! I desire for mothers to have knowledge […]

Birth Plan Template for Expectant Mothers

AHHH! I am so excited to finally get this guide to you fingertips! Hours of planning, designing + curating has come to fruit! Something that was difficult to navigate with Fulton as our first was the ways I needed support during this new season of life for the first time + then again with having […]

Gift Guide for postpartum mothers

One question I get ask quite frequently from first time mother’s is what should or what did I pack in my hospital bag with my littles? From experiencing being a first time mother + having our oldest right in the early beginnings of Covid with many hospital restrictions to not having any at all with […]

Labor + Delivery Checklist // Free Guide

This is one of the most vulnerable blog posts I believe I will ever do. Letting others into your grief is a difficult thing to do no matter the amount and that “letting in” looks different for each person for what the Lord is nudging them to share. Whether that is in a small capacity […]

joy + grief can coexist .

I don’t think I’d do George’s birth story justice if I didn’t talk about the months and weeks leading up to his birth. A few key aspects, if you will. I first have to accredit his birth to Our Lord + the intercession of Our Blessed Mother who carried me through my pregnancy, labor, and […]

George Joseph’s birth story

Well my friends I’d like to introduce you to someone very extra special around here… Our third son, George Joseph Merck. Although Fulton John + Peter Daniel’s namesakes are something oh so special to us as we purposefully + intentionally prayed for their names, our little George Joseph’s name has a little extra personal meaning […]

The meaning behind his name…

You read it right! I am hosting my first ever local mini creative retreat this spring! Hopefully the first of many creative retreats in the future! This is something I have dreammmmmeedddd for yearssss since starting Root & Bloom, but it never felt like the right time or place. From withdrawing from college, getting married, […]

Ope! I’m hosting a creative retreat!

Whether you’re a starting out as an aspiring professional photographer or simply looking to take nicer photographs for personal use here are a few tips to get more professional and nice looking images! STRAIGHTEN YOUR HORIZON LINES I don’t know how many times I’d shake old Sarah when I was in High school or just […]

simple steps to professional looking photos


We’ve all been there as new business owners and the daunting task of creating your first website before hiring an expert in the field. When I made my first ever website for Root & Bloom before she was even called Root & Bloom five years ago I had NO idea what I was doing or […]

What I’d tell myself diy-ing my first website…

Let’s get right to it shall we?! Honeybook I SWEAR by Honeybook! Everything from client workflows, contracts, invoices, emails, hour tracking, scheduling, profit + loss tracking, you name it! I truly don’t think I could efficiently run my business + do it well. Let’s be honest here, juggling a business on top the everyday of […]

5 softwares I swear by for my business