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Wedding photographer in Minot North Dakpta

When you support a photographer you aren’t JUST paying for a provided service or money to poured back into an expensive for the business for monthly software is need, updated gear, rentals, you name it. Although those things are a sliver of what that money does… Often times I think the creative industry although it […]

When you support a photographer…

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brother kissing baby brother

We’ve heard it (or maybe said it ourselves) many different ways on many different occasions…get your milestones documented. Let me tell you what, I didn’t understand on a deeper level how important it is until I got married and Mason and I started a family of our own shortly after. I’ve heard it about a […]

Get. your. milestones. documented.

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Can I tell you a secret? This isn’t my first blog post..I know, I know shocking but somewhere in my deep past way back in early high school I started a blog where I’d talk about my faith and maybe (I’m just guessing here but like) three people read it, haha! I loved being able […]

Why I rebranded my whole ENTIRE business

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